We core hole sizes from 1/2″ to 42″ diameter with electric or hydraulic power.

Core drilling, or coring, is done when an electrical or plumbing line needs to pass through a concrete floor or wall, or where overcuts on corners of structural concrete are not allowed. Coring can also be used in asphalt for adding parking posts or for directional drilling access.

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This service is a non-destructive application where the operator scans the floor with ground-penetrating radar and relays the information to the contractor for full review before any sawing or coring begins. It’s used to locate any utility lines that might be buried in the concrete or asphalt.

See below for example images of concrete scanning.

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Depths from 1” to 24” available.

We offer wall-sawing services for cutting openings in walls or floors where access is a problem for larger equipment to enter. This is also frequently used in demolition for sectioning portions of older buildings, like bridge piers or bank vaults. This service can also be applied to residential basement window and private door entrance concrete cutting.

Below is our gallery of examples of wall sawing.

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We have diesel-powered saws and also offer 230-volt-480-volt indoor saws for environmentally safe cutting producing no carbon monoxide fumes. Depths from 1” to 24” available.

Slab sawing is used for cutting concrete or asphalt, mainly for electrical or plumbing and infrastructure upgrades. It can also be used for freshly poured driveways or large warehouse floors to eliminate premature cracking.

Examples of slab sawing can be seen below.


Wire sawing is used on projects when access is limited when extra thick concrete needs to be removed. Generally used for Bridge abutments,bridge piers, columns, industrial pump bases, structural beams.


We offer complete concrete demolition and removal services on an as needed basis.

Dexspan Silent Dynamite


“Using a demolition alternative like Dexpan is like having a night shift working, even after the operators go home.”
 – Reno Trentini 

What Is Dexpan?
Dexpan is a clay-based powder that, when mixed with water, expands and creates enough pressure to break rock and concrete in a matter of hours. The resulting rock or concrete chunks are small enough to be easily hauled away. Dexpan is perfect for mass concrete removal, boulders, bedrock, and granite rock. Dexpan provides a safe alternative solution for projects needing concrete repair, demolition, or rock blasting and removal. 

Benefits & Features
No more backbreaking work.

Dexpan is ideally suited to projects where the surrounding environment is sensitive to vibrations or where there is risk of damage from flying debris. Combined with our techniques, Dexpan is a safe and easy alternative that reduces injuries and WCB claims. 

No more blasting or dangerous explosives!

Dexpan is a safe, silent, and non-explosive solution that is ideal for sensitive areas where blasting is not possible. Applying for a blasting permit can take weeks, and at the end of the process, a permit isn’t even guaranteed. With Dexpan, the need for a blasting permit is eliminated and delays in starting your project are avoided, saving you time and money. 

Dexpan Process

Other advantages of using Dexpan:

  • Excellent depth control of breakage
  • Works silently and safely with no dust or flying debris
  • Safe & easy to use
  • No special training required
  • Ideal for sensitive areas
  • Efficient & cost-effective solution
  • Resulting smaller rocks or concrete chunks can be used for retaining walls and decorative elements instead of needing to transport large rock offsite

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